Dental Implants Problems - After Inserting The Implant

In this section we have gathered dental implants problems that appeared in many cases and examples of problems that occurred after the initial insertion of the implant, during the healing process and before the actual tooth is re-built (at this stage there is no crown on the implant).

Some of the cases that can be found here include:

  • Implant fell out after the surgery was done.
  • Infection, abscess
  • Body rejecting the implant
  • Wrong positioning of implant
  • Implant is showing / sticking out of the gums
  • Bleeding after the procedure
  • Severe pain after procedure
  • Numbness in lower lips
  • Graft material is being rejected

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If you have an X-ray we strongly recommend scanning it and posting it - it will make life much easier in diagnosing the problem. If you don't have a n X-ray - take a close up picture of your mouth and post it. Remember - 1 picture is worth a 1000 words!